Boat Florida Boat Florida Network Policies, Guidelines, and Rules  
This Network of web sites is dedicated to advance and enhance recreational boating in the State of Florida. These guidelines and policies, along with our Terms of Use and Service, are designed to ensure that everyone here has a great experience and gets the most out of the network.

Please abide to the following guidelines and policies at all times:

Be Real Human Beings

In order to be a member of one or more of our sites, you must sign up with a valid email address and use your real name (First, Last, or both). Limiting membership to real boaters keeps the conversations constructive and means no one has to deal with anonymous trolls.

Search Before Posting

It's possible that there's already a conversation taking place about a topic you want to discuss and keeping it all in one place makes it easier for everyone who's interested.

Be Relevant

Keep your posts on-topic and in the correct category of the forum. Keep any other comments relevant to the content they're attached to. Drive-by comments with no substance don't add to the conversation, they just make it harder to follow. Our administrators and moderators will reserve the right to remove off-topic comments and posts at their discretion in order to keep the conversation relevant.

Here's a list of DON'Ts:

Promote Your Business or Services if you are not a current paying advertiser

This is not the place to advertise services, solicit business, or drop links if you are not a current advertiser on our network. In fairness to our paying advertisers on the network, we do not allow business name profiles, or business related profiles on our sites. Please contact us if you are interested in exploring the advertising options we have available. Our advertisers are allowed to have business profile and use other areas of the site, such as events, forums, and blogs, to their benefit.

Harass or Insult Other Members

Making personal attacks, insulting other members, or discussing a specific member in a negative way will not be tolerated. The two golden rules are: if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all; and treat others as you'd like them to treat you.

Post Private Information

Do not publicly reveal information like your email address, phone numbers or addresses.

Post Inappropriate photos / images or photos

Public photos / images must be family friendly and are subject to immediate removal. Photos promoting a business or service are only permitted for current paying advertisers.


Spam is posting the same message repeatedly across the Network. Spam is writing the same post or comment over and over again. Spam is sending the same message to multiple members. Spam is promoting or advertising external services, websites or other products. Please don't spam.

The Fine Print:

If it wasn't obvious, violating any of these guidelines above will result in suspension or banning from the Network. Making this a safe, constructive place to exchange information is our top priority.

Additionally, forum threads in the wrong section will be moved, without notice, to the appropriate place. To keep the sanity, also reserves the right to close any discussion thread for any reason and to delete inappropriate content. In rare circumstances, may delete information from the forums. We're not looking to censor anyone, but it's our responsibility to ensure the integrity of the Network and we take that very seriously.

Registration to the network of web sites FREE and we do not sell nor share any personal information including e-mail addresses with any outside sources or companies.