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Do you want to know how you can hook up with others for great boating in Northeast Florida, fishing in the Northeast or other water and boating events? Boat Northeast is your source for this information and more. is offering an entire network of boating sites so you can connect with people in your area that share your interests for the water and boating.

This is the best Florida boating resource you will ever find and the only site of its kind. There is so much benefit you can have from this resource that you will be surprised to hear it is free to sign up. You can begin using this resource right now in just a few minutes by signing up and looking for other people in your area who enjoy Florida boating as much as you do.

Have you ever been out on the boat and met a fellow boater but didn’t have a way to contact them later on? Perhaps you spoke out in the river or while docking up. Maybe you see someone with a boat like yours or a family in a boat that you’re thinking about buying. You want to get in touch with them but you don’t know how to find them later.

This type of thing happens every day in the world of boating and before now, there wasn’t a good way to resolve it. You would just have to hope you saw this person again out on the Northeast Florida waters? Have you ever wished you could talk with this fellow boater more without waiting for a chance meet up once again?

Now you can because is designed specifically for this type of purpose. You can find anyone by name, boat or other identifying information you may have gotten on the waters. You can create your own profile page for free which allows people to look you up as well.

You can also use this website as a valuable resource to help you learn about events, competitions, holiday activities and more. There is a classified section so you can buy or sell boat and water-related goods and services. All of this makes your number one boating resource for Florida boaters.