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Have you ever been out on the water enjoying your day and met up with another boater you wished you could have chatted with more? Maybe you saw a boat in the distance that really struck your eye and you wish you could ask the owner a few questions about it. Or maybe you go out one day for some Charlotte fishing and you discover an event taking place you didn’t even know about. If you were a member of, you would have the answers to each of these situations.

See more about Charlotte and Port Charlotte boating, Port Charlotte boaters or related events all at one great website designed by boat lovers from Florida just like you. When you’re looking for Punta Gorda, Boca Grande, Engelwood and Sarasota County boaters or boating events, you can find it here in one location quick and easy online.

Boat Charlotte lets you create your own personal profile page where you can share information about yourself and your boat as well as forums for open communication with other Charlotte boaters and fishermen, a place to share photos and videos and also blogs.

You can also find a full directory with useful information and contacts and a resources page to help you find out about water-related events in Charlotte, Florida and the surrounding areas. From the resources pages you can find useful information such as nautical charts and navigation maps for Charlotte County and surrounding areas, FAQs and much more.

The Crew page will show you listed members, their names and other information about them, their boats and more. You can find their personal pages, add comments, message them and more. The southwest Florida coast has much to offer in the way of water-related fun and events. If you live in this area, you may already know about some of the activities that take place and the opportunities that exist. Now with this great site, you have the opportunity to keep up with all of these events and activities. You can plan arrangements to meet with people you’ve seen on the water and more.

With features such as your own personal page as well as the ability to look up other members, you have a boating social networking scene. Other features such as the blog and the events section help you know more about what’s happening so you don’t miss out on any fun and excitement. News and Classifieds sections let you buy, sell and trade and much more. The community has been built around the people who use it, just like you. Check out today!