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With 24 individual and local sites, is now the largest network of boating related websites in Florida dedicated to serving the information and entertainment needs of local boaters and boat enthusiasts. Whether visitors are researching a new boat purchase or are seasoned Captains staying up-to-date on the latest products, services, and boating spots, the community and network of sites contain a wealth of information for local boaters around Florida. Media Group is your multimedia partner. We deliver a wide array of products and services to help you reach your goals. Increase sales, build you image, reduce inventory, gain a competitive edge in the market- whatever your goal, we are committed to providing solutions and producing results for your business.

Reach the masses or a targeted niche- we have the products and services that will reach any boat enthusiast in Florida. Get real results by leveraging your message across our full range of media options.

Advertising Opportunities That Get You Results

We are dedicated to your success. Engage the market, reach your targets and generate leads. Let our solutions drive the traffic your business requires.

  • Sponsorships: Your chance to be noticed, gain maximum exposure and own it 24/7- engage Florida with a channel sponsorship on one, a few, or all of our network sites.. Available on select channels and content areas, such as: Photos, Videos, Forums, Events, and many more.
  • Leaderboard/Cube Ads: The ideal spot to reach active and engaged viewers across our entire network. Top of page or right rail advertising positions available throughout all areas of the network of sites.
  • Rich Media: Eye catching and hard to miss, rich media ads grab the attention of our reader and don’t let go until your message is delivered. In page Flash Ads, Floating Ads, Sliding Billboards, and Video Ads are available on most areas of the site. You know who your customers are; we have the tools to target them. Reaching the right people is just as important as reaching a large number of people. Let our targeted opportunities reach audiences that are important to you.
  • Email Newsletters: When Florida boaters read about he latest breaking news- your message will be there alongside those stories. offers sponsorships on e-mail newsletters that are sent out frequently about a variety of topics from breaking news to the best places to boat.
  • Eflyers: Get noticed and deliver your message in an efficient and effective solution that gets results. Eflyers deliver your advertisement as exclusive e-mail content to an audience you select.

Don’t have artwork or a banner created? No problem – we’ll create one for you, with your approval, free-of-charge. Browse an of the sites; our graphics team has created nearly all of the current banners. Our advertising and sponsorship partners also receive access to banner results, providing real-time statistics on your marketing investment.

Marketing Through Multiple Channels interacts with boaters in a variety of important ways that go far beyond our website.  Our FaceBook and Twitter pages have thousands of fans, allowing us to reach even more boaters.  Our newsletters get mailed to thousands more. 

We can help you effectively promote your business and/or services by making use of the opportunities for exposure that we have to offer. We realize that not every business has the same needs, and we’ll work with you to promote your business in the most successful way possible. We would be happy to discuss any alternative sponsorship options that would suit your budget.

Online banner advertising opportunities are very limited on the network and will sell out soon. Act fast to secure your prime advertising location and rate. Inquire to find out how to receive a free month! Please complete the form below to contact us at your earliest convenience to start the banner design, to discuss any further questions, and recieve our media kit..

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